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Chapter 14: Trusted

Chapter 14: Trusted

We were driving along Potsdamer Platz now. The man at the driver's seat of the car had his eyes focused on the road. The girl and the other saviour was in the back seat with me. " So, why'd you come save me?" I asked the girl. " We were sent by an anonymous caller." She said. " Well, obviously you know me, but still, I don't know any of you. Heck you could even be a different set of kidnappers." I said. " Well, we saved you, didn't we?" Said the girl. " Yeah but I was hoping for a proper introduction." I said. " Well, uh," Said the man beside the girl. " I'm Angela. Angela Deth." Said the girl. " This is my brother, Donovan Deth and the driver is Anon. Well, actually we don't know his real name. Anon us short for 'anonymous'. He doesn't talk much." Said the girl. " Okay, so how do I know you're not an enemy?" I said. " Don't think of us that way," Said Angela. She took my hand. " Were friends. You're with friends. Not enemies." She said. " Trust us." She said. I was a little skeptical but there was something about her that made me cast aside this feeling of skepticism. " Alright. You've garnered my trust in you all. Where are we going?" I asked. Anon seemingly half smiled as I said that. " Somewhere." He said. His voice was deep and gravelly. The voice sent chills down my spine. " Well he's definitely earned his nickname. He's anonymous."

A little later we were headed to a part of the Berlin Wall that was still standing. It was chipped so badly that I thought that it was gonna crumble when we stopped the car. " Get out first. I'll go park the car." Said Anon. We got out of the car and closed the doors. Then, Anon drove away. Angela walked and Donovan walked toward the wall fragment. I followed suit. Angela knocked on the wall as if it was a door. There was an answering knock from the other side. Then a man appeared from behind the wall. " Name?" He asked. " Deth, Angela. Returning from a recent retrieval  mission." She said. " Come in." Said the man. Then we followed him to the back of the wall. He opened a hidden trapdoor in the ground. There was a staircase leading underground in the trapdoor. We walked down the steps. What lay before us was a long dimly lit tunnel. Its walls were made of concrete painted white. We walked through the tunnel.  The trapdoor above us closed shut. " Were on our own now." Said Angela. We walked through the hallway in silence. There were a few iron doors on the walls. " This used to be a bomb shelter for the Nazis." Said Donovan. " Before the Berlin Wall was raised, the Nazis used this place as a bomb shelter. When the wall came up, it was abandoned. Some of the west Berliners used this tunnel to escape to east Berlin. But now, we use it." He said. We reached the end of the hallway. Another trapdoor was above us. Angela knocked on it. The trapdoor opened. Anon was on the other side. " Welcome aboard." He said. We stepped into the space above us. We were in what appeared to be an office. " Don't be fooled. everyone in this room has a weapon concealed under their desks. This is no office." Said Angela. They walked toward a vending machine in the back of the room. I followed them. Angela pressed a series of buttons on the vending machine. Then, the vending machine slid sideways on a hidden track to reveal an iron blast door. A can of coke slid out of the dispensing end of the machine. Angela took the can. " Well, the door still has problems." She said. She opened the can and drank the coke. We went through the door. We were in a separate room which had six doors on the left and right walls. There was a counter at the far wall. An old man in a business suit and glasses was behind the counter.  He looked up as we approached the counter. He had a white beard and moustache that practically concealed his mouth. He had dark blue eyes. We stopped in front of the counter. He looked at us with those mysterious dark eyes. There was something about those eyes that made him look a little off. Like he murdered someone. " Name?" He said, his voice hoarse and raspy. " Dad, do yo have to be so formal with your own son and daughter?" Said Angela. He stared at her with those cold eyes. " Yes. As a matter of fact I do. A father who works at the candy store is one thing, but a father who works here is another thing. You should know that by now, Angela." He said. This was something interesting. Her father actually works here. " Name. Now." Said the old man, pointing a bony finger at me. " He's Gregory Wolfe. We just retrieved him, sir." Said Anon. The man opened a big black book and went through it. " Ah, here we are. So, Lamb sent you?" Said the old man. " Yes, sir. Diana Lamb has some plans for him." Said Anon. Well, now I'm wondering what exactly are those plans of his. " If Lamb sent you in for this, that means she wants the catch very badly. Either that or she's on your case." Said the old man. He laughed. " Whatever. Which way?" Said Anon. " Room 333. That way." Said the old man, pointing toward a door with the numbers 333 painted in white on the black door. " Thanks." Said Anon. We walked toward the door. " I wouldn't go through that door very often if I were you." Said the man. " That room tends to bring back the past." He said. " Silence sich. Sie machen zu viel Lärm." I said without even knowing I spoke. The old man raised an eyebrow. " Where's he from? Germany?" He asked. " Actually, he's Irish." Said Angela. " Well, he just said something in German." Said the old man. Anon looked at me suspiciously. " Well, honestly, we have no idea of his origins." Said Angela.Then we opened the door.

We entered the room. It was an office room. There was a large window covered by drapes. There was a portrait of a man with a cane hanging on the wall. A woman was sitting behind a desk on her chair, her face obscured by the shadows. The room was dark. There were two other people standing next to the desk. The door closed behind us. " Welcome back." She said. " So, how was the mission?" She asked. " Difficult as usual." Said Anon. I saw her eyes. Dark blue eyes. They were trained on Anon at first. But then, her gaze shifted upon me. " Are you sure this is him?" She asked. " Of course." said Anon. " I want to see what he can do. Guards, apprehend him." she said. The two men standing near the desk sprang into action. They quickly caught me in a grapple. " Squeeze him." Said the figure to the guard holding me. The guard squeezed the air out of my lungs. I felt the other guard hit me on the head. Then, I blacked out.
                                                                     *   *   *

I woke up in the same room but the arrangement of things was different. Everything was broken and put in an awkward position. Then I noticed the blood. Everywhere. The guards, well, they're mincemeat. Literally. I scanned the room for the three agents that brought me in. I saw Anon and Donovan. they were unconscious. I didn't see Angela. A wall had been turned to rubble. Then I saw her hand poking out from the rubble. " Oh no." I said to myself. I dug frantically through the rubble. I pulled her out. I checked her pulse. I breathed a sigh of relief. Still alive. The figure was still on her chair. She was smiling. " Well done." She said. " You've killed my best guards." She said. " Come now, why the serious face? Celebrate victory." She said. " Victory? You call my curse victory? There is no glory in ending a life. This is no victory." I said. " Oh, but it is, my boy." She said. Then I was knocked unconscious when someone hit me on the head from behind.

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Chapter 13: The Saviours

Cell 33
1200 hours

I woke up two hours after the cell murder scene. I was in a new cell, one with mirrored walls, floor and ceiling. It was like being trapped in a glass box. I noticed a few speakers and cameras in the corners of the room. Then I noticed something about the wall in front of me and the one behind me. They should've been of my reflection but instead, there was a man standing in front and behind me. one of the walls must've been a clear glass window. " Confusing, isn't it Andrew?" Said the man. He was wearing a black businessman's suit and a pair of loafers. He was carrying a long black cane in his left hand. his face was hidden by the shadow of a hat he was wearing. " What do you mean?" I asked him. " Standing on your own reflection must be confusing." said the man. " Who are you?" I asked. " You don't know me? Well that's odd. I've been with you throughout your entire life. Surely you must know me." He said. His voice did sound familiar. " No more games. Who are you?" I asked. He put his hand on his hat. " Before I take my hat off, I'd like to ask you a question. Do you know who you are?" He asked. " I'm Andrew Graystone. A normal man." I said. He laughed. " You're far from normal, my boy. You are," He took off the hat. " Me." He said. As my eyes focused to the dim light, I saw his face. It was my own face. I saw him smile. " Confusing, isn't it Gregory?" He said. " No, it's not possible." I said as I examined my own face. " Accept it. You are Gregory Wolfe. You are me, and I am He." He said. Not possible, not possible. I thought. " You're going mad, boy!" Said the man, laughing. " No!" I said. I smashed the reflection. The cracked image of the man looked back at me. " If you aren't Gregory Wolfe the who are you? Andrew Graystone doesn't exist. So you must be Gregory Wolfe, because I am He and you are me. No doubt about that." Said the man. I hit the mirrored wall. The reflection was gone.

This room proved to be more boring than the last. Not a single piece of furniture could be found in the room. Not a very good cell, in my opinion. I sat on the mirrored floor, thinking. What will I do for the rest of my life if they keep me here until I die? This place was a test of my will. My will to escape, my will to survive, and my will to stay sane. All a test. I decided that I had spent enough time thinking. It was time I tried to escape. I got up and searched the room for a possible exit or a hidden door. " No use doing that." Said a voice. I knew that voice. " Go away!" I snapped. The reflection was back. " Why should I? How could I?" He said. "I am you and you are me. We can't part." He said. " No, you're not real. You're just a figment of my imagination. Nothing more. Now go away!" I said. He sighed. " How can I be a figment of your imagination when I'm speaking to you now? I am you. The only way to make me leave is for you to accept it. Accept that I am a part of you, and I shall leave without a fight." He said. " No. I'm not Gregory Wolfe. He's dead." I said. " And how do you know that?" He asked. " The records are conclusive proof of-" He cut me off before I could finish my sentence. " Oh, the records. The biggest compilation of forgeries created by liars. Of course It's a reliable source of information." He said sarcastically. " That's a one in a million case. Most of  the records are pure truth." I said. " But that's only most of them. What about the rest? There are others that go missing and get presumed dead. But in truth, they live. What about you? Andrew Graystone doesn't even have records. Nil, none, zero records, Wolfe! Zero! And you think that you are Andrew. He's just a name. A fake one. Non-existent. A figment of your imagination. Eine Ausgeburt der Phantasie! " He said in perfect German. " No. I will not let myself spiral into insanity by listening to your lies." I said. " Ah, but you already have, my boy. You've been talking to me, your so called figment of your imagination for an hour now." He said. I was speechless for a moment for it was true. " You see? You are already mad. There's no need to listen to me to become insane." He said. Alright. This is one of the parts where I must make a choice. Should I just play along with my own fantasy or should I deny everything he says? " Alright. Will you really leave me alone if I admit that you are a part of me?" I asked. " I shall. In one way." He said, smiling. I sighed. I closed my eyes. " Alright. You are part of me. I am Gregory Wolfe." I said. Then, there was an explosion.

A hole was blown into the wall in front of me. Three figures wearing suits(complete with neckties) and  buttons with smileys on them were standing at the hole. Their faces were obscured by shadows. They had AK-47s in their hands. " Gregory Wolfe?" One of them asked. I nodded. One of the figures reached her hand out to me. " Come on. We're getting outta here." She said. I took the hand. Then I was dragged through a hallway. The guards on duty were coming for us. The alarm blared and the sound of running feet was easy to hear. The people with me loaded their guns. One of them handed me a vest. " Put it on. It's bulletproof." He said. Then, the guards came. The figures surrounded me to form a barrier. Then, guns were ablaze. I covered my ears at the sound. There were shouts of pain, but only for a second. No voices sounded. Only guns. The sound of empty bullet casings falling on the floor was what followed gunfire. I saw a guard running toward us. He hit me in the head with his gun and that was when everything went black.

I woke up to the eerie silence. I tasted something strange on my mouth. Then I saw my three saviours standing over me. " What happened?" I asked. They looked at each other. " We were hoping that you'd tell us." Said the girl. Then I saw the horror around me. The guards were all dead. Mutilated. Blood was everywhere. Then I figured out what it was I tasted on my mouth. Blood. My shirt sleeve was soaked with blood. And I knew I went pale. This is the second time I wake up and find dead people around me. I myself couldn't explain it. I snapped out of my trance. " Let's get out of here." I told them. " Right. We should." Said one of them. Then we walked out of the room. There was a door that said 'EXIT' on it. Obviously, we went through that door.
                                                                          * * *

A car was waiting outside. But something wasn't right. " Wait, This place looks nothing like Ireland." I said. There was a signboard there. It was written in German. " Well, It appears that they moved you to Berlin yesterday." Said the girl. " Well that would explain why they knocked me out last night." I said. I got into the car and we drove off.

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Chapter 12: Report

Chapter 12: Report

DECEMBER 12, 2004
1200 HOURS

This is a report from fellow agents of the Academy, Isabel Ravens and Alphonse Deadman. The agents as stated had captured a suspected spy that may be working for authorities. After a rather severe interrogation, the said suspect revealed not a single drop of information as he exhibited some mental defects. The Academy Council has decided to keep him prisoner in our holding facility to run further tests on the subject. The results were disastrous, the recent one leading to the extremely violent death of  one of our agents. The true identity of the prisoner is undeterminable, as there are no clear records of his existence. There are suspicions that are yet to be confirmed. Thetre are two current identities of the prisoner, one being non-existent. We have satisfied ourselves by refering to him by the name of one of his suspected identities. We have named him Gregory Wolfe.

More to follow.

Report Assembled By,
The Headmaster.

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Chapter 11: Deadly

Chapter 11: Deadly

The next few weeks later...
Ah, another day of mental anguish due to being kept underground against my will. On top of that, There's the fact about my existence. More stress there. It couldn't get any worse, could it? Wrong. It keeps getting worse with time. First of all, they drop the temperature to near freezing. Next, they remove certain privileges, such as privacy. One morning I wake up and find myself in the room, which is now loaded with cameras. Still not interesting? Well, here's the strange bit...

Well, the thing they left here in this room was most probably for their entertainment. They left a knife here. A brand new, still unused knife. They probably want to see me commit suicide. Well here's what I'll do. I'll throw the knife out the window. I'm going to throw it out so that they won't be able to enjoy seeing me commit suicide. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'll show them that I won't let them enjoy my pain. I won't!

Okay, so I didn't throw out the knife. Who cares? If I die, I'll just be nothing but a bloody stain on the Earth. No one will care. So maybe suicide will be an option.

That night...
Restless sleep. A night in prison is not as good as a night in the woods. Anyways, I couldn't sleep because I had one of the most confusing dreams in history. I couldn't make out what I actually dreamed about but, I'll tell you this: There was red, there was screaming, and there was laughter. Confusing, right? Well, you might be able to draw some conclusions from the next morning.

The next morning...
I heard a soft voice whispering my name. A woman's voice. The only thing that I could make out was my clothes. Splattered with blood. The voice whispered my name. Louder. " Oh God. Have I committed suicide and gone to heaven?" I said. A hard slap met my face. " Guess not." I said. Then my eyes focused. I was still in the room but there were other people in it. I saw Isabel standing over me. " Oh right, I died and went to Hell." I said plainly. Then I looked around. What met my eyes was horrific. There was blood everywhere. What was once a room with nothing but white has turned into a room with a huge pool of blood on the floor and blood smeared on the walls. What's worse, the blood on the walls was actually written letters. The blood on the walls had "WOLFE" written all over them . Then I noticed the knife in my hand. there was blood on it but there wasn't a single wound on my body. Then I noticed something else. I noticed the body. A dead man lay in the middle of the blood pool on the floor. His guts were ripped open and his face was skinned. Some of his fingers were cut off. Some of his body parts were actually boned. Some ribs and a femur were on another side of the room. And his brain... Ugh. Not a pretty sight. Some men were trying to zip up the body in a body bag. The men and women in the room stood over me, staring down at me. " Well congratulations. You've just booked yourself a nice, tight straight jacket." Said one of the men, frowning. " What? What did I do?" I said in confusion. " Apparently, you made one heck of a mess in here." Said another man. " No, no. That's an understatement. Apparently, You've made the worst out of a man than we could've ever done. You've made human mincemeat." Said Isabel. The words they said struck like lightning. " No, it can't be. I couldn't have murdered that man. You people fought me. You know that I can't land a decent fatal blow. Heck, I can't even make a burnt omelet. I couldn't have killed him." I said. " Videotapes can't lie." Said Isabel, holding up a security camera tape. " You are a menace! I have never seen such an atrocious act of violence caught on tape." said another man. " Okay, so here's how it goes. You go to a padded cell and we'll put you in a straight jacket. And you'll be unconscious when that happens." Said Isabel. Then she knocked me unconscious.

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Chapter 10: A Secret, Revealed

Chapter 10: A Secret, Revealed

" It's not possible!" I shouted, throwing the file at the glass. " You people are lying!" I shouted. " My life couldn't be a fake. I've been alive for 19 years! That can't be fake!" I shouted. I grabbed the chair and heaved it at the glass with all my might. A small crack formed on the surface. " Liars! You're all liars! This s*** you're showing me is a lie! My life is not a fake!" I said. I didn't care wether anyone heard me or not. I needed to shout. " Let me out so I can face you all!" I shouted. I grabbed the chair and hit the glass. The crack grew. I hit the glass again. Another crack. " I'll get you liars!" I shouted. Just then, Three men burst into the room. One of them held a syringe in one hand. The other two grabbed my arms and held on tight. " Let go of me!" I shouted. I struggled in the men's iron grips. The man with the syringe plunged the needle into my neck. Once he removed it, I felt unconsciousness begin to take over. For some reason, I laughed before collapsing to the floor.

I woke up in yet another white room. Only this one has A book case. I looked at my surroundings. There was one visible door on the wall in front of me. I was on a chair at a table and there were two windows. There was another pen and piece of paper on the table. Almost the same as the one in the other room. I picked up the pen with my left hand and made sure I was holding it in my left hand. Then, I started to write. I wrote 'escape' a few times but then, I started testing something out. I closed my eyes while writing for a few minutes. Then, I opened them. Once again the pen ends up in my right hand and a single word came after the escapes.Wolfe. I put down the pen and walked toward the door. I tried turning the doorknob, but it was locked. I noticed a camera in one corner of the room. I looked at it. " Keeping me down here against my will is a crime!" I said. Then I went back to the chair and sat down.

Chapter 9: Howl Of The Wolf

Chapter 9: Howl Of The Wolf

Automatic writing. That's my only explanation for the paper I was writing on. I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. But then another thought entered my mind. If it was automatic writing I should have been holding the pen in my left hand. As I pondered these thoughts, a hidden door was revealed on one of the walls. the door swung open and the girl walked in. " Wolfe." She said. " Isabel." I said. The door closed behind her. " I see you've been putting the chair to good use." She said, looking at the battered chair. " I've been using it on the glass. Don't tempt me to use it on you." I said. She laughed. " I doubt you'll be able to hit me with it." She said. " And another thing. My name's Andrew Graystone. Not Wolfe." I said. " Oh really?" She said, picking up the piece of paper. " What's this, then?" She said shoving it in my face. I shrugged. "Automatic writing?" I said. She smiled. " Well, your family records say no." She said. " What do you mean 'family records'?" I said. " According to our sources, the Graystones don't exist."
                                                                          * * *

" What? You're lying." I said.  " Why would I lie?" She said innocently. " I know what you're doing. You're toying with me. You're trying to drive me to near insanity. Well it won't work, b****!" I said. And as you might've expected I was slapped across the face again. " Here," She said, putting a file on the table. " Check it yourself." She said. Then, she left the room. I opened The file and looked inside. There was a copy of my birth certificate which was marked with various scribbles. It was a comparison between my certificate and a sample certificate. And surprisingly, all the signiatures on my birth certificate were identical to the sample which meant that the signiatures were fake. Then I took a look at another birth certificate belonging to Gregory Wolfe. It was partly burnt. Another strange thing. The recorded bed and room number are identical to my birth certificate. Not only that but the time and date of birth was identical. Then I took a look at a record of all inhabitants of the city before I was born. Not a single name said Graystone. There was, however, a Hank Wolfe and his wife, Audra Wolfe. according to another set of records, they had a son named Gregory Wolfe who supposedly died in a fire at the hospital. This made me draw one conclusion.
I am Gregory Wolfe.